The Loncor Foundation

The Loncor Foundation is a registered charity in the DRC whose mandate is to improve the quality of life and opportunities for communities near the Company's exploration projects through targeted investments in education and health care.

The primary focus of the Loncor Foundation has been the construction of the Bole Bole medical clinic at Makapela. This two-year project resulted in a hand-over of the project to the community. An initiative is also underway with a Canadian NGO to ship hospital equipment for the clinic from Canada to the DRC. 

Also in 2012, the Foundation initiated a program to fund the salaries of 12 teachers at the Yindi primary school, eliminating the need for parents to pay tuition costs and increasing enrollment at the school. 

Since its creation in 2010, The Loncor Foundation has completed a number of community projects. At the Ngayu project, these include the construction of the new primary school for 300 students at Yindi, referred to above, and the donation of 40 hospital beds to two medical clinics in the area. A donation of clothing has also been made to a local Pygmy community in need. 

Loncor Foundation projects at Manguredjipa, North Kivu have included the rehabilitation of the local General Hospital along with the donation of new beds and mattresses, construction of six showers and latrines, and the gift of a motorbike for use by medical staff at the hospital. The Loncor Foundation also provided financial support for a community electrification project at Manguredjipa.

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